When you work as a massage therapist you will deal with a lot of people. Some of them will had regular massages. For some it will be the first massage in their life. Either way you will be confronted with a lot of questions from your clients. Which is a good thing  …

Here is a list of 30 questions which you should expect from a massage client. Questions could arise before the booking on the phone, before the massage or even while you perform the massage. So prepare yourself.

  1. How long did you study massage for and which training did you receive?
  2. Where did you study massage?
  3. How long have you been working as a massage therapist?
  4. What types of treatment do you offer?
  5. How long are your treatments and how much do you charge?
  6. What discounts do you offer?
  7. Can I have half an hour massage instead of 1 hour and pay 50%?
  8. Will get the full time massage?
  9. What happens when I am late?
  10. Do you work weekends or evenings?
  11. Can I bring my children to wait while I am receiving the massage?
  12. Are you registered with health funds? Can I get some rebates?
  13. How much money will I get back from my health fund for your treatment?
  14. Do you offer HICAPS?
  15. Can I pay with Credit Card?
  16. Do you accept tips?
  17. What is after the massage?
  18. Do you offer happy ending massages?
  19. How many treatments do I need to fix up … ?
  20. What oil do you use?
  21. Do you use any scents your oils?
  22. Are there any side effects with massage?
  23. I am pregnant … do you offer pregnancy massage
  24. What do you do when I fall asleep on the massage table?
  25. How much weight will the table hold? Can it collapse?
  26. How many massages can you give a day?
  27. Do you massage children?
  28. I am cold, do you have another towel/blanket?
  29. What is a trigger point?
  30. Can I do self massage?
  31. Do I need to take all clothes off?
  32. I can’t get up from the table
  33.  Can you massage softer/harder?
  34. I am ticklish, how can I get a massage?
  35. …. and many more massage questions …

We are sure you received other questions as well. This is only a short list to prepare you a little bit. Let us know in the comments what other questions you received and we will add them.

Maybe discuss a few of the questions in our massage community forum … we would love to hear about your answers …

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