We want to give you a few easy checklists for your massage business. A lot of these things are very obvious and few might be new to you. This is not a step by step guideline – see it as a little help for your business to give your clients the best service possible.



Before you give a massage to your customer:

  • prepare the room (check the table, fresh towels on the massage table, lights)
  • check the massage supplies – like tissues, oil, towels, and any other supplies you use for your massage
  • wash your hands
  • check the phone or appointment book for any cancellations
  • warm up your hands and muscles
  • make sure your nails are cut and remove jewellery
  • get the client information sheet and read all the notes about the client – prepare yourself for the client so that you know about his treatment history and injuries and preferences.
  • be on time and ready for your next client at least 5 minutes before the appointment time
  • make sure the room has a comfortable temperature (we suggest 22 to 23C).

When you see the massage client - 
these checkpoints might vary depending if you see a client for the first time or if it is a repeat visit:
  • Introduce yourself to the client and call the client by their name
  • Show the client the massage room, the location of the toilets and offer them some water.
  • Let the client fill out the client intake form and give him time to fill the form (ideally this is done before the treatment in the waiting area), in case it is an existing client make sure the details are still correct. Read the form and check all the health questions. ASK questions!
  • It is a good idea to chat with the client about their last massage to get some feedback and find out what they liked and what not.
  • Discuss with the client the treatment – type of massage, what areas to massage, which areas to avoid and what results the clients wants to achieve.
  • Explain new clients where to put their clothes, remove jewellery, how far to undress and to get under the sheets/towels.

When the client is on the massage table: 

  • Make sure the client is comfortable
  • Ask the client if he feels warm – use blankets – turn up the heating
  • Make sure the client is comfortable with the pressure you apply – communicate with the client!
  • Start and end the massage softer.
  • Listen to the breathing of your client and watch out for pain signs.
  • Concentrate ! Don’t think about anything else … give your client the full attention.
  • Don’t start a conversation except the client starts one first.
  • Make sure the client gets the full time – don’t finish early … not even a minute!

When you are finished with the massage:
  • In case the client fell asleep (happens sometimes!) wake the client up.
  • Tell the client to get up slowly (!) and get dressed.
  • Make them aware of possible side effects after the massage.
  • Offer the client water.
  • If time permits it is always great to teach the client some stretches or self massage they can do at home.
  • Hand the client a business card – reschedule the appointment.
  • Payment, invoicing, receipt
  • When your clinic has an evaluation form – let them fill it out if time permits.
  • Get the client to write a review on massageplaces.com.au (or other online directories ;-) – this is an easy way to get more clients and a good reputation.

After the client left:

  • Update the client record.
  • Clean the table, new sheets & towels. Remove the used towels and get them to the laundry.
  • Clean the room, fill up supplies.

These are just a few little things you should do every time you have a massage clients – it is just a guideline. Let us know in the comments when we should update or change this list – there are many different things to consider.


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