Six steps to happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. Does money help? A flashy car or house? Your own swimming pool? What makes you happy?For most people it is the little things in live which make them happy. But even when you struggle financially or have other problems in live you still could be happy. It usually starts with yourself.

We found 6 little steps which should make you more happy … easy to follow. Have a read through them and then sit back. Think about them … it makes sense.

Six steps to more happiness

1. Frown less – smile more.

2. Judge less – accept more.

3. Complain less – appreciate more .

4. Fear less – love more.

5. Consume less – create more.

6. Talk less – listen more.


Sounds easy?

It sounds very easy … but think about your day so far. I bet you could have done some things differently when you would follow these bullet points. Waiting lines at the supermarket, the aggressive driver on the way to work, the business meeting you had 2 hours ago, your new iPad – which is loaded full of games and movies instead of creative apps, …

The newspapers are full of negative news. We are educated to complain when something goes wrong and be aware of scams and fraud (for a good reason). We need to maintain our luxurious life style and keep up with the Joneses.

Take life easier

Take life a little bit easier and you will be happier. Be happy with what you have. It is very likely that when you read these sentences you will sit in-front a new computer and are connected to a high speed internet. Isn’t that already some part of luxury? And maybe after reading this little article you will go a nice warm bed after having a warm shower. Unaffordable for a lot of people in this world … shouldn’t you be happy? Appreciate!

Of course things go wrong in life … but hey … when you can’t change it you will need to deal with it. It will be hard sometimes and not easy. But there should be always some little things which keep you happy – and believe me there are – you just need to look out for them …

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