Oh no … Australia was a long time the holder of the world record in simultaneous massage. Looks like we are going to loose it to Thailand.

The standing record was achieved in 2010 on the 30th of March – with 267 simultaneous massages of 5 minutes at the Lanendula Lavender Farm, Daylesford. 

The massage en masse in Daylesford smashed the previous record holder by 96. The previous record for the largest ever simultaneous massage was 167 people, set in 2009 in Washington D.C, USA.

Now 2 years later in 2012 Thailand wants his crown as the massage capital back. Some 800 therapists in Bangkok will try to make it into the Guinness World Records book. Let’s if they manage it …  Thursday is the day! :-) Read the whole story on AP

Update: It is offical … Thailand got the record! 641 massage therapists mass-massaged 641 people simultaneously for 12 minutes to win the world record in massage last Thursday at an indoor exhibition hall in Bangkok.

Will the Daylesford massage organizers come together and plan to beat the record? It will be tough.

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