Massages clinics are very common in Australia. In all capital cities in Australia – like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane – you find plenty of massage clinics. And also in rural areas they are very common. Massageplaces.com.au lists a lot of massage clinics all over Australia – not yet all of them but we are adding more and more to our database.

How to choose a massage clinic?

Remedial massage, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage or deep tissue massage – there are so many different modalities to choose from. I  most cases you will know which type of massage you prefer. But to find the best massage clinic for yourself you will rely on reputation and reviews of other clients.

Massageplaces.com.au gives you the opportunity to rate and comment your experience for your massage clinic. Always be carful when reading reviews – you don’t know the person who wrote the review. Word of mouth and referrals are the most powerful  selection criteria for clinics. When your best friend raves about a clinic you are more likely to give it a try. Most people will base their choice on these reviews, referrals and the impression of a massage clinic.

Best massage deals?

But there is another big factor – PRICE! And now it gets complicated. Should you base your choice on price. We know that a lot of clinics run specials via deal websites all over Australia. We also know of a few clinic owners who will not discount their services.

My personal opinion on massage deals:

Quality has its price and experienced massage therapists would not be able to make a living when they would havily discount their services. The best deal is not necessarily the cheapest. It is about your health after all.

This does not mean that any special deal will be of poor quality and you receive a bad treatment. But I personally would say there will be a higher chance – I would not discount my health. How can a clinic run a profit with a 1 hour massage for $29 or $39 in Australia – they can’t. Do they really get repeat clients from these vouchers? Maybe. I used one of these voucher deals for a relaxation massage … was not great but worth the money. When I need something fixed up I look for quality – no way I use a deal!

I want to list a few of these deal websites here – to give you a choice. But I highly recommend to check for quality. One of the easiest things to do is to ask if you could claim your massage with your private health insurance. This does not say anything yet about the quality but at least it should ensure that you will receive your treatment from a trained and certified massage therapist.







Your opinion about massage deals?

Let us know what you think? You might disagree.  Are they any good? Did you have any good experiences using deal websites for massages. Did you get value for money or was it a really good massage treatment you received? We’d love to hear about your experiences …


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