- The massage therapist will ask questions about what prompted you to get a massage.

- You should need to fill out a customer intake form which gives the therapist more information about you and how to treat you.

- The massage therapist will want background information about your physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress levels and any painful areas.

- The massage therapist will ask what your health goals are and will discuss how massage may help you achieve those goals.

- During a one-on-one massage, you will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Clothing is not removed during achair massage.

 Customers also should consider the following tips to help them find a massage therapist who is trained and qualified.

- Can I claim massage with my health fund? Are you registered with my healthfund as a provider? (The therapist should issue you a receipt with a provider number so that you are able to claim nthe massage with your health fund.)

- Are you a member of a Massage Therapy Association (Worldwide or Australian)?

- Ask the therapist questions about their qualifications – there a lot of different courses out there (ranging from only a few hours to years of study).

- Where did the therapist work before? What expertise does the therapist have?

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